About Global Crane Inspections

Knuckle Picker

Our services include:

  • Certifications for - Cranes, Pickers, Sidebooms, Manlifts, Forklifts and Overhead Shop Cranes
  • 5 Year Block Certifications
  • Load and Stability Testing
  • Structural Steel Inspections
  • Welding Quality Control
  • Mobile NDT Inspections
  • Crane Accessory Certifications

In Canada, as per CSA Z150 and OH&S regulations, lift equipment is to be certified annually. Whether you want to drop your truck off at our shop or have us come to you, we have the facilities and tools to certify all your lift equipment no matter the size.

For Mobile Cranes we can also provide you with a mechanical inspection as well as load and stability testing. In years past, many crane owners have had their cranes MPI tested and assumed it was certified, however this testing is only one part to certifying a crane as fit for service. Lately, as a safety and liability precaution, many governing bodies as well as petroleum companies are enforcing the requirement that cranes be fully certified, both structurally and mechanically.

Global Crane Inspections Inc. has developed a mechanical inspection and load and stability program based on CSA and international standards. Trained technicians perform an exhaustive inspection of crane mechanical and hydraulic components to ensure they meet or exceed CSA and OEM requirements. Results are then forwarded to a professional engineer for review and final certification of the mobile crane. 

We have Sparta Engineering, certified load and stability inspectors as well as CGSB certified NDT inspectors all under one roof. This enables our knowledgeable team to deliver a complete inspection service.